Space Junk

What creates more space junk?  Space shuttles or Space probes !!!.

Space shuttler  leave more space junk then space probes . They even have to postpone the space shuttle launchers until  they have fixed its fixed.

What is safer, going through space junk shuttles or probes?.

Shuttles because they’re bigger and faster!!!!

Why can’t space junk be caught and thrown back to earth to burn up? 

It can’t be thrown back down through the Earths atmosphere!!!


Nasa ‘s electronic eyes can spot space junk over 600 miles away and thats only space junk the size of a baseball.

There is over 4 million pounds of space junk in the Earths low orbit.

Objects larger than 1 centimeter are able to damage the space satilites.

Space junk is left over scraps and waste from spaceships and space missions. 

Some of the bits and pieses of space junk cruise along at 17,500mph.

Space junk may remain in its same place for centries experts say.

Aware of the threat the US command moniters space debris and othe objects reporting straight to NASA.

In june 21 2000, the agency counted 8,974 man-made objects in the greater above and beyond.

The angency admits to not being able to see the hole sky when they are looking through NASA ,s electronic eyes.


The treat to satellites and earth- orbiting deep space telescope from orbiting debris is clear.

NASA are trying to figure out how much space junk falls back to earth.

Does space junk posses risk of to the species responsible putting it up there?.

In the first six months of 1999, 57 of the tracked objects re-entered the Earths atmosphere.

According to Major Michael birmingham of the us command. Birmingham said that 91 objects fell into the atmosphere in all of 1998 ,and 69 in 1997.  

launched in 1973(two year after russia put its first space station in to orbit), the first and only U.S space station stumbled home six years after.


After launching 6000 satellites since 1957, on 4,600 rockets, 70% of in-orbit today in low Earth orbit.

Like the Earths environment the space environment the is getting more cluttered.

Space junk can be anything even hatches blown of spaceships, paint fragments of spaceships or even satellites  that don’t work any more.


Space junk cruises along at 17,500 miles per hour just think of the damage it could do to a passing spaceship or satellites going at top speed it could damage it so bad the spaceship or satellite could not be able to work anymore.


Space junk affects spaces environment because there is over 4 million bits of space junk in space which is really hard to catch. Unfortunately for the past 45 years of space exploration has created a lot of junk. 

When the astronauts go up into space they let out junk and sometimes hatches blow of space shuttles.


Spacecraft and rockets leave over bits of derbis and bits of space junk. Space derbis is a bit f a problem because it sometimes collides with working satellites and it can stuff them. 


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  1. That is absalutely amazing information space junk group.I can somehow tell that that is starharrys work.Am I right?

  2. Good Work and it actully is intresting. I also have a question has a rocket or a space craft ever been hit space junk?

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